Luxury Yacht Charter In Dubai - Experience New Emotions

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable vacation on the waters of the Gulf War and looking for a vessel to make your dreams come true? You’re in the right place. Every year UAE attracts tourists from all over the world who want to enjoy incredible man-made masterpieces. Since lots of sights are located along the coast of the bay, you can double the pleasure. We offer luxury yacht charter in Dubai to those who want to organize private sailing trips, water activities on board, fishing, or prepare a yacht for an event. Rest assured we will make your business meeting and rest bright and memorable.

Hire Luxury Boats in Best Price

Let’s break stereotypes together. Every day we ensure our clients that a luxury yacht charter in Dubai is affordable to most people. Please, don’t think that you’ll spend half of your earnings there. Our team monitors prices on the market to guarantee best deals beneficial to everyone. Still, we are very stringent about our quality controls, so you don’t get a pig in a poke on the cheap.

Our company appreciates clients. When you appeal to us, our managers aim to consult and present you with a vessel that meets all the preferences and budget. We don’t hide any details and honestly share all the advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, our specialists have undertaken a thorough overview of the safety of the ships so there is no reason to worry about possible accidents.

Besides, regular customers that choose luxury yacht charter in Dubai aren’t left without some bonuses and discounts.

Where to Rent a Yacht Near Me

In case you want to enjoy marvellous views over skyscrapers, most popular sights, luxurious waterfront, simply swim in the waters of UAE or celebrate an important event in your life, a luxury yacht charter in Dubai is what can brighten up your rest. Our yacht yard includes more than fifty posh models so you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

Moreover, you’ll appreciate some other benefits we boast:

  • qualified crew;
  • fuel, insurance, and maintenance included in the price;
  • special equipment for safety;
  • free fishing gear;
  • disco lights and powerful sound system;
  • cool drinks, water and other pleasant little things.

We’re ready to help you with a high-level organization of your trip. There is an opportunity to choose a luxury yacht charter in Dubai or go on a trip to UAE with a professional shipman and a crew that guarantee comfort and an unforgettable range of emotions.

Besides, if you have a necessary licence, you can operate a vessel on your own. Please, contact us and share your wishes.

Top Dubai Cruises

We can easily take care of the organization of any event, whether it’s a wedding, party or a fishing cruise. Due to a vast experience of luxury yacht charter in Dubai, 99% of the celebrations go well, and for the 1% left, we have a plan B. Just imagine how you have fun on the board of a posh yacht and then keep in your memory all the nice moments, smiles and heartleft laughs.

Birthday Party on a Yacht

If you’re bored with sit-round gatherings in cafes or restaurants, we invite you to celebrate the most important date of your life on a yachting trip. We strive to create a unique design and atmosphere that your friends and relatives will remember forever by discussing each point and developing a plan according to your budget and preferences.

Corporate Cruise

Corporate cruise is an opportunity to present your business best ideas, celebrate the launch of new products/services, strengthen the relationships between colleagues. Be sure, the organizers will make every effort to please you with a festive evening.

Fishing Cruise

Luxury yacht charter in Dubai offers you to fish, admire a pictorial panorama of the beautiful city, swim in the clear waters of the Persian gulf, and at the same time take a yacht excursion along the coast. The perfect combination of a wonderful sailing holiday and excitement from fishing will magically improve your well-being and leave unforgettable impressions. This format of trips is perfect for parents with children, couples, friends and tourists who want to spice up their vacation a little bit. The staff will show you how to fish and help with the possible difficulties.

Party Cruise

Want to feel yourself as an actor from the movies where friends have a good time, drink champagne and enjoy their lives? Luxury yacht charter in Dubai is your chance to try this role. We’ll take care of cool music, tasty food and a great mood!

Yacht Trips Dubai

You aren’t sure what vessel matches your needs or doubt whether you should spend time and money on a luxury yacht charter in Dubai? Contact us and we’ll answer all the questions, give advice, help choose the necessary model and organize a trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to rent a yacht

Here are some steps for a luxury yacht charter in Dubai:

  1. Have a look at our models and define your main requirements.
  2. Choose available date and time.
  3. Decide on a route.
  4. Book a vessel online or call us to discuss the details.
  5. Sign the contract.

How much to rent a yacht for a party

The cost depends on the number of guests, type of vessel and rental time. For example, 42ft model (up to 10 guests) may cost you about $150 per hour, while 101 ft. (50 people) will be $1000.

How much does it cost to rent a small yacht

The prices start from $150-$250 per hour (42Ft.) and $1500 per day. Thus, it’s more beneficial to book a vessel on a long-term basis. Depending on the aims and budget of the future trip, we’ll provide you with the best possible solutions.